Side-by-Side UTV Farm Tours

Dates and Times to be announced here.

Get in the driver’s seat of one of our Polaris Rangers! These UTV’s operate just like an automobile with automatic transmission. Explore our farm led by a knowledgeable guide.  We have side-by-side off-road vehicles that accommodate 3 and 6 people.  Tours are 1 hour long followed by an optional campfire.  Reservations/tickets required.


  • Driver must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license, and have a sense of adventure and interest in farming!

  • Operators 17-20 years of age with a valid driver’s license can operate a UTV only when accompanied by a legal guardian.

  • Children (Ages 3+) are welcome to ride along with a parent as passengers.

  • Participants must sign a Release of Liability & Indemnification Agreement.

Frequently-Asked Questions:

Can I bring my own UTV/ATV for a tour or ride the trails?
No, you must use the UTV’s provided by Sauchuk Farm.

Do I drive the UTV or does the guide drive?
You drive your UTV. The tour guide will be in another vehicle showing you our farm and stopping periodically to provide information, answer questions, and allow for photos.

Can I take the UTV and go off on my own?
No, this is a guided, educational tour.  For your safety, you must follow the guide.

What should I wear or bring?
Please dress for the weather. This is a farm activity so expect to get a little dirty. Dust can be a problem in dry weather; mud in wet weather.  Consider bringing some water in hot weather, sunglasses, bug spray, and sunscreen, as required.

Can multiple people in one vehicle take turns driving the UTV?
Yes, as long as everyone has a valid Driver’s License and is at least 21 years of age. Ages 17-20 can drive as long as a licensed legal guardian is present in the same vehicle.  Everyone must attend the instructional and safety lesson prior to driving.

I have never operated a UTV before. Are they easy to operate?
Yes, If you can drive a car then you can operate a UTV. The UTV’s that we offer have an automatic transmission.

Do you have restrooms?

We have portable toilets.

Are pets allowed?

This is a working farm.  Pets are not allowed on the farm.

What is your terrain like?
The terrain is quite flat and easy to traverse safely.

If I damage a UTV am I responsible for the repairs?
Yes, You are liable to pay for any damage you cause to the UTV while in your possession. Please drive responsibly.

Are kids allowed to ride as passengers?
Kids 3 and up are allowed on these tours. Kids love riding in UTVs.  We recommend that smaller children sit between two adults.