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Pick-Your-Own Strawberries



General Information


  • The price is $5.00 per pound.​  Cash and Credit payments are accepted in the field.

  • No tickets or reservations are required.

  • We have wooden 1 quart containers available for purchase for $0.35 each.


  • Closed until June 2025


  • TBD

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Picking and Storage Tips

  • You may pick into your own containers, but we must first weigh them empty.

  • Containers should be clean, ventilated, and less than 4 inches deep to prevent bruising.

  • Check under the berry before you pick it to make sure that it is deep red, firm, and undamaged all the way around.

  • Wear sunscreen and drink plenty of water.

  • Allow about 10 minutes to pick a quart of berries.

  • Keep berries refrigerated and dry (unwashed) until ready to use. Ripe strawberries only last for 2-3 days in the refrigerator.

  • Do not rinse berries or remove stems until ready for use.  Clean by immersing in water.

  • Picking the berry with the stem will increase the shelf life substantially.

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  • ​No backpacks or pets are allowed in the field.

  • The corn maze area is closed to PYO customers.

  • Do not step on strawberry plants or berries, especially when crossing over rows.

  • Please pick in designated areas only.

  • Children must be under adult supervision.

  • Please pick only the berries you intend to pay for.

  • Have fun!

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