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About Our Farm

Sauchuk Farm, LLC is a 200-acre diversified family farm located in Plympton, Massachusetts. Scott Sauchuk established the farm in 2002 on the site of the Samson Homestead that had been farmed since the early eighteenth century.  Most of the produce grown at Sauchuk Farm is sold directly to the public at the farmstand located at the old homestead.

In 2007, Sauchuk Farm opened the first large-scale corn maze south of Boston.  From 2012-2018 Sauchuk purchased over 175 acres of farmland in Plympton which serves as the basis of Sauchuk Farm, LLC.  Between 2019 and 2023, Sauchuk Farm established orchards of apple, peach, and pear trees, as well as a field of several thousand blueberries bushes.

Sauchuk Farm practices integrated pest management (IPM). Although Sauchuk Farm does not grow certified organic produce, it often uses organic methods and sprays.  Furthermore, since all its produce is harvested by hand and sold locally, Sauchuk Farm selects varieties according to taste rather than shipping and storage ability.

Ukrainian connection.  The owner's surname, Sauchuk, is Ukrainian in origin.  Sauchuk's grandfather arrived from western Ukraine in the early 1900s.  Sauchuk's wife, Oksana, is from Ukraine.  Her family remains in Ukraine defending its democracy against Russian aggression.

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